Bae Seul Gi reveals she’s currently interested in someone and admits she’s tuned up her appearance

Career[ edit ] Choi Mi-hyang was first discovered when she won a talent audition organized by MBC in , then made her acting debut in the drama series War and Love in Afterwards, she adopted the stage name Choi Ji-woo. She was cast in her first major role in film The Gate of Destiny, but due to her limited acting skills, she was replaced in the middle of filming. But it was her portrayals on TV of tragic heroines with a pure and innocent image—notably in Truth opposite Ryu Si-won and Beautiful Days opposite Lee Byung-hun —that boosted her rising popularity. In , she reunited onscreen with Bae Yong-joon she previously had a supporting role in his drama First Love that she would star in her most famous, iconic role. Directed by Yoon Seok-ho as the second installment of his ” season dramas ,” [2] Winter Sonata became a phenomenal hit throughout Asia and has been credited as one of the initiators of the Korean Wave. After the success of her melodrama Stairway to Heaven with Kwon Sang-woo , Choi again attempted to break into film.

Korean Dramas

Early life[ edit ] Mun was born in Seoul. He is the youngest of the three siblings with two older sisters. He attended Daechi Elementary School located in Seoul.

A cop named Pil-du is assumed by everyone to be dishonest, so he stages a three-day brawl to prove his innocence.

After all, if Conan says it, then it must be true. But before they can harm her, Soo-hyuk puts himself between Mi-mo and the fans, taking the brunt of their attack himself. He puts away her laptop and turns off her phone, and tells her that just for today, not to look at or listen to anything. Aww, he even brings her Ppoppo to snuggle. He cancels all of his appointments and rushes to her place.

Soo-hyuk goes to his office with murder in his eyes, and finds the reporter who published the story about Mi-mo. Their boss interjects, taking the blame for having the story published. Soo-hyuk turns his question on the boss: How could he publish an obviously buried story, without even asking if there was a reason for it? He threatens to quit, and storms out. His advice is for her to fight back, and when she says she wants to just wait for things to blow over, he tries to override her.

Dong-mi and Ae-ran tell Da-jung what happened, but none of them know the man who whisked Mi-mo away to safety.

Jo Jung-suk (조정석)

For questions and feedback, please use the contact form here. A great, straightforward rom-com — with an emphasis on comedy! He ends up sharing an apartment with other youngsters who are trying to find their way in the K-pop world. Written by Lee Young Chul and Lee Mi Rim The Bride of the Water God A fantasy romance about an arrogant water god who travels to Earth and meets up with a troubled psychiatrist, the last descendant of the family who served him for centuries.

And the director created some gorgeous scenes that add to the aesthetic enjoyment of this show.

The Legend of the Blue Sea A big-budget fantasy drama about the romance between a mermaid and a human, stretching from the Joseon era to the present.

Screenplay by Shin Han-sol, Min Dong-hyun. A student attending a rough high school is beaten up nearly every day. One day he comes across an eccentric man who excels in the art of unconventional fighting. Cinematography by Im Jae-soo. Produced by Corea Entertainment. Distributed and sold internationally by CJ Entertainment. A rock documentary which follows the Yoon Do-hyun Band on a multi-nation tour across Europe.

Cinematography by Choi Chan-min, Kwon Sang-joon. Produced, distributed and sold internationally by Sponge. Screenplay by Kim Seong-su, Han Ji-hoon.


I only relied on what was shown in our country since then. Her character is adorable and the love between her and Ki-joo is simply beautiful. I was completely touched during his break up scene and the part where he played the piano is simply captivating.

Their chemistry is perfect and electrifyingly good!!

Although she had a minor role as her character didn’t have many scenes, she was one of the pivotal figures in finding out the reason behind the disbandment of the drama’s fictional girl group. Bae Seul Gi was a popular singer The Red and variety star a couple years ago and was known for her comedic yet stylish retro dances. Unfortunately, fans couldn’t see much of her in the spotlight as she went on an involuntary hiatus and focused on musicals.

In her interview with Sports Chosun, she revealed, “My first acting attempt wasn’t hard, but I was under a lot of pressure. I knew that if I messed up the few lines I had, it could be a fatal scratch to the drama overall. When things got bad, I thought of running away from the industry, which happened to fit with my role as ‘Han Mina’. I was so apologetic to my fans that I couldn’t even write a message for them on our fancafe.

Jonghyun (ft. Taeyeon) – Lonely

Please log in to report this content? I just had the urge to say it as some of you may not be comfortable with that, though the said parts are really minimal and are really limited. A whole lot more colourful. Because dating Bae JooHyun was — is — never an easy thing for you. Especially since JooHyun is a teacher — of pre-school at that.

He takes a cup and tells Eunsoo to come out as well.

Eunsoo continues to try her best to be the best daughter-in-law fully catering to the Yoon family needs. She stretches and asks what time is it. Eunsoo panics as she has not prepared breakfast. He explains that she looked too tired; he turned off her alarm so she could rest. Sooho laughs back that his job is to make Eunsoo happy. They go down where Mrs. Yoon finally woke up as well. She asks where Eunsoo went after preparing breakfast. Sooho is about to lie that Eunsoo came up to check on him for his stomach and Eunsoo interrupts that she overslept so Sooho did everything.

Yoon smiles that she appreciates Eunsoo for telling the truth. She also wonders about the clothes prompting Eunsoo to apologize and go drop them off in the storage room.

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A young woman grows up on a horse farm and dreams of becoming a jockey, just like her late mother.

Oh My Ghost

The boss wonders if they should tell Soo-hyuk to just stay in Hong Kong forever, ha.


A real pretty one, too.

[HD] Star Dance Battle – Bae Seul Ki and Chun Myung Hoon Bokko Dance 01.29.2006