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Sam Seau Samseau is a player philosopher psychologist who enjoys a good discussion. You can follow him on Twitter. Men are naturally the stronger and superior sex, so it follows that women can only do what men grant them. I do not write to convince women to change their ways, but instead to educate the minds of men. When men relinquish their power over women, women will always take advantage of them. Women merely take advantage of what is offered to them. Often times it is difficult for the average Western males understand how much of a weak, amorphous, and utterly subservient coward he is, but, thanks to the Askmen dating survey , denial is no longer an option for the Western beta. Also, as a technical note, the survey only polled Anglo countries, but given the influence of Anglo countries I believe it is safe to assume all Western countries suffer from the same problems with their men.

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He took over as the head of Smosh on June 14, after the other co-founder and creator of the original Smosh Productions , Anthony Padilla , left Smosh to be an independent content creator. Ian, along with Anthony, can be considered one of the most widely known YouTubers due to Smosh being one of the oldest channels on YouTube, created only nine months after YouTube’s debut, and one of YouTube’s consistently popular channels, remaining as one of YouTube’s most subscribed and viewed channels since Contents [ show ] Personal Information His mother Sharon has been featured in multiple Smosh videos and his father has only been seen twice once in the behind the scenes video for Food Battle , and then five years later in a Lunchtime with Smosh episode.

Ian was in a relationship with Melanie Moat from to September

Auch zu Das is los!

Horsens is also home to professional basketball team Horsens IC who play in Basketligaen. The team plays at Forum Horsens which has a capacity of 3, The team has won the league 6 times most recently in and as well as winning the Danish Basketball Cup 3 times most recently in the season. A notable prisoner included former minister of justice Peter Adler Alberti. The last execution in peacetime in Denmark happened in the prison in when Jens Nielsen was decapitated in the courtyard.

Carl August Lorentzen was a safe cracker who became famous for his escape from the prison in when he dug a tunnel from his cell and out to freedom. When the guards discovered he was missing they found a note from him with the words “Where there is a will there is a way”. Lorentzen was captured a few days later on a nearby farm.

The old run-down buildings were not fit for a modern prison. In the prison was closed and the newly built State Prison of East Jutland was opened. The new prison, which is placed near Horsens, held the mass murderer Peter Lundin for a period. The prison grounds have been used for concerts.

Does Rammstein really mean ramming stone?

Barbaric Practices That Still Exist Published March 3, When we consider some of the various barbaric practices that were commonplace in the lives of our ancestors, we tend to look at them with a judgmental eye — thinking of them as uncivilized, and downright savage. Most of us would even admit to wondering if our violent predecessors, like those who relished the bloody gladiator games or those who condoned cruel medieval torture chambers, were actually less evolved than those alive today.

But has humankind really progressed that much, or are we just as bloodthirsty and ruthless as ever? Witch Hunts A woman in Papua New Guinea was stripped, tortured with a fiery iron rod, covered in gas, and burned alive on a mound of car tires in front of hundreds of onlookers — all for being a supposed witch. Like something out of the Salem Witch Trials, the perpetrators let mere hearsay convince them the twenty-year-old woman was a witch, and took their revenge in horrific fashion.

Das Musikvideo dazu wurde wegen darin enthaltener erotischen Szenen mehrmals von der Plattform YouTube entfernt.

Print Article AA Los Angeles is home to more than a few pun-based parody bands that seem like “high”-deas made incarnate. Now, a new contender has breached, hailing from the deep, dark depths of the ocean floor. Meet Koi Division , the fishy Joy Division parody band of your surrealist dreams. Their very name is controversial it’s a Nazi reference.

Their lyrics are dark and their history is mired in tragedy, as lead singer Ian Curtis committed suicide at just 23 years old on May 18, , the evening before the band’s North American tour was set to begin. Koi Division, however, is a much lighter affair.

The Western Male Is The Reason Why His Women Suck

He was raised in a strict Catholic household. One short focused on a “serial killer potato” with ambitions of world domination; it murdered del Toro’s mother and brothers before stepping outside and being crushed by a car. Del Toro studied special effects and make-up with special-effects artist Dick Smith. He also co-founded the Guadalajara International Film Festival.

Part of the reason for the Western obesity epidemic is that most Western food is disgusting and unhealthy, but the other unmentioned side of the story is that nearly half of the male population is so hard up for sex and companionship that they will date fat chicks like Lindy West.

Im Heim begann er eine Lehre als Maler und Lackierer , die er jedoch abbrach und in der er den Rapper Bushido kennenlernte. Flers erstes Soloalbum Neue Deutsche Welle erschien am 1. Mai und stieg auf Platz 5 in die deutschen Albumcharts ein, in denen es sich 16 Wochen hielt. Zu dem Lied Was is Beef? Auch zu Das is los!

Grund war eine Erkrankung von Fler. Januar ist Flers drittes Soloalbum Fremd im eigenen Land erschienen. Beim dritten Album wollte er nun beides vereinen.

What’s your favorite Rammstein song?

This series tracks her journey, highlighting the best of her encounters. Berlin might be the worst city in the world to be a single girl. I had been in Berlin a few days already when I met up with three friends of mine from college who have been living there since graduation. We met in the park on a sunny Sunday. Nobody seemed to talk to each other.

This caused concerts scheduled in Asia to be cancelled.

Tuesday, August 30, 5 things to know before dating a navy guy So, you’ve been eyeing that smart, attractive navy guy you’re lucky enough to know personally. Your navy guy is handsome, smart, funny and confident. Visions of him in that sparkling white uniform over his well-toned body sweeping you off your feet run through your head. Who can blame you? Navy guys are hot. But navy guys aren’t like the regular dudes who stretch the limits of stupidity trying to impress you.

The Western Male Is The Reason Why His Women Suck

He stayed with the band for about ten years. Feeling B started out firmly grounded in the underground punk scene. Over time, Feeling B’s popularity grew greatly and at the end of the German Democratic Republic, it was one of the most respected and influential Eastern German bands despite their underground status. When they weren’t playing gigs, Landers and Flake would sell jackets made from cut-up bed sheets and dusters on the black market. Two jackets a month meant as much money as an average salaried worker.

On special occasions, the band members would get together for individual concerts at punk festivals, until Rompe died in November of an asthma attack.

And yet men are clamoring to get to the altar more than women are , despite how far the odds are stacked against them.

On one site it was said that Till was sexist and used women, I assume only for sex. Another said that his penis was the size of a peanut, and that his romps were rated rather badly. Another went as far to say that he’s addicted to cocaine and is a boozer! It’s rather ridiculous to say such things about such a wonderful and compassionate person. Yes, he might be famous, but that doesn’t mean people should start such rumors like that.

In fact, Till is a wonderful lover, and like all other people has his moods in bed. He can either be very sweet and tender or he can be vigorous and assertive. Many people would like to think that just because he’s a rock star he’s this God that must be put on top of a sex pedestal, as if he’s this ob ject that must be claimed and exploited. Please, he’s a person with feelings, too. He’s charming and sweet with a great personality, and is very intelligent and a very fulfilling conversationalist.

On a number of sites, it claimed that Till uses women only for sex and treats them as ob jects of pleasure, discarding them afterwards.

Berlin Is The Toughest City In Europe For Single Girls

Comment on Running Around April 13th, at I had to laugh when I read the part that says….

The global society is engineered by the media, which is an arm of the global cartel identified under the recent name Bilderberg among others , which has centuries ago undertaken a program of social engineering to consolidate power into a global dictatorship.

Guitarist Paul Landers praises his visual fluidity, and puts the patience demanded for a project of this magnitude down to the technical proficiency of the Swedes. So why did they feel the need to make another one? Things we do know: A sense of euphony has been established in part due to the assignment of a producer to oversee not recording but the writing sessions. Olsen Involtini has previously worked with the band arranging strings for Mutter and Reise, Reise, creating remixes and engineering their live sound; his history working with the band makes Involtini a perfect mediator to throw creative ideas between.

He has a lot of good qualities so we brought him in to lead the rehearsal and work through the songs with us. Often we would get lost in the making of something; there would be 20 different versions of a song and he would help us to focus on what was working and what was not. We are like eager dogs.

What is Rumspringa?

Electrowerkz London, UK Biography Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Combrichrist are amongst the most well known names in the aggrotech scene, blending industrial metal influences with hardstyle trance and techno. Formed in , the band came together through Norwegian-born Andy LaPlegua, with LaPlegua being the musical mastermind of the project, responsible for all studio recordings.

Despite offering a relatively niche style of music, Combichrist have developed a cult following, finding commercial success and finding top positions in dance and alternative charts worldwide. Praised releases continued and the band began touring extensively, travelling across Europe and North America.

And — just like the public executions from centuries ago — people file in by the hundreds and jostle for the best view.

He is one of the renowned singer, songwriter, and musician. Lindemann has also established himself as an actor and poet. His father was a poet and his mother was a writer and journalist. He has one sister named Saskia. Regarding his ethnicity and nationality, he is a German actor from white ethnic background. He rose her being a single father for about seven years.

They are now divorced. There he became active in several sports.

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