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Next, read the three bonus booklets and then try some of the techniques. What if this knowledge helps you get just ONE more date with an interesting, attractive woman? What would that be worth to you? How much would that be worth to you? For most men I know, it would be priceless. I personally invested over three years and thousands of dollars to learn how to be successful with women.

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Home Struggling With Women? Since , David DeAngelo has helped over 10 million men improve their success with women. His programs teach men how to overcome their fear of rejection, successfully meet and attract women, and become the kind of man who can be in a successful relationship with a high quality, beautiful woman. I’m not the hottest guy out there. I’m pretty fat, actually.

I headed to the bar and grabbed a drink, and as I turned to head back towards my table, I kind of glanced over at this beautiful platinum blonde girl that was standing to my left.

I should begin by saying this review is a summary that is done based on what I personally have experienced when following the principles that are listed in this book. You may have a different series of experiences, and they will depend on what level you are currently at in the book based on you dating. So I will leave that part to you. My ultimate goal with the Double Your Dating eBook review is to provide you with an idea of what you can expect based on what I have learned firsthand.

This is a gentleman that has practiced his pick up and dating game over the years on the street and still actively uses his principles that he teaches. As you read this book, you will see that the author has learned from his past experiences. It would be safe to say that the most eye-opening part is the reasons that women say that they are looking for a nice guy, and why they choose to date a different choice of men.

It would be safe to say that David DeAngelo gives the best and practical explanation on who attraction works in the world, and he removes the mystery and frustration from it. After the first ten pages, you will start to understand a dozen different ideas on how you can double your dating, and that is just the start of things. You will also learn how and why your past experiences that you have had with women may have blown up and you couldn’t figure out what happened. You May Not Like What You Find Out About Yourself A number of things he mentions in the book will start to make you blush, because you will relate to the information he provides on building levels of attraction.

In fact, you might have your mind blown as you begin to look at the details you have overlooked in the past, and you might find that you relate to low social value or that you are the desperate man, both of these will kill all attraction a woman has for you. The Very Good News The best news is that reading Double Your Dating gives you the chance to kick yourself for making mistakes, and it allows you to take the steps to correct the problems.

From there you can push forward and make dating easier.

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News, analysis and research for business technology professionals, plus peer-to-peer knowledge sharing. Engage with our community. A satisfying relationship can also make people feel happy and healthy For better or worse: Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, 1.

What if this knowledge helps you get just ONE more date with an interesting, attractive woman?

How to find and meet the guys who are the true masters with women and dating and get them to share their closely guarded secrets with you — pg. Master them all and no woman will be able to say no to you. I love this one… — pg. And the best part is that women LOVE when you do this — pg. Would you believe that I took the time to study comedy so I could attract women?

Would you like to know how to attract beautiful women without the benefit of looks or money? Starting on page 29, I go into detail and explain exactly how to do it.

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Does Double Your Dating help you succeed with women? I was on a forum the other day. I felt it appropriate to comment on the dating advice some of the other forum users were posting. Treat her with utter respect, and always treat her like a princess The title of thread was “About various dating books”.

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Double Your Dating Ebook

Just like I said there, this book was the first I read of its kind, and I owe much of my dating success to it. Back then, it outlined all the techniques he himself had used to do just that, double his dating. He wrote it as a kind of personal diary for his dating life, and then sent it around to a few buddies. But these few buddies soon became many, and the book was quickly spread to men all over the world.

In , David completely revised it, making it the book it is today. What you can expect to learn Double Your Dating is 90 pages long, jam packed with useful information.

For most men I know, it would be priceless.

Double your Dating is a program that seeks to eliminate the firewalls that prevent men from getting and understanding the way women think and behave. The program would help you get the kind of woman that you want and desire regardless of who she is or what her social status is like. The Double your Dating package would help you understand women and get them to go on a date with you regardless of what you look like, your bank account status and ultimately, your social status.

With the double your dating package, you would definitely learn how to beat any woman to her game notwithstanding how good she is at throwing men away. The secrets in this training course are legendary and are your sure way to finding and getting that woman that you love. Details on the Double your dating program After reading through the introduction of this write up, I am so sure you now understand fully well what the Double your Dating program is capable of achieving for you and what it can turn your dating life into within a short period of time.

Engaging in this program will give you access to the free dating newsletter. This newsletter will help you learn the following; How to attract Beautiful women and the beat the fierce competition of getting their attention. Tips on how to approach women, start up a conversation with them and eventually get them to go on a date with you. How to eliminate the fear of rejection How you use body language and eye contact in flirting The Double your Dating Program is wide and tackles every problem you might have in your relationships or getting datings when you want.

This program is created by David DeAngelo who is a known master when it comes to dating and relationships. When he got tired of the embarrassing rejections that he faced from women, he decided to get a solution.

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The Double your dating program is packaged in e-books, books and free newsletters for all members.

David DeAngelo is hands down, one of the BEST known and most authoritative author when it comes to the world of dating advice. David DeAngelo has been famous in the secretive community who called themselves pick up artists, these are men who pride themselves on the art of picking up women. Back then no one could pinned down exactly how to become successful with women. The phenomenon started with the first definitive dating advice eBook called Double Your Dating Now this book is like the Holy Bible of “How to pick up women”.

Double Your Dating eBook Review: Personally, I do not like to expose my private life in the public. You see I have never had much luck with women. Most of the girls I have met are women that have been introduced to me through a friend or family member. Even the two girls I dated in the past are through introduction by friends. I’ve seen a lot of normal looking guys with some sizzling hot women, but back in my mind I always believed somehow those guys must be rich or something as I couldn’t see any other way they could pull off such a feat.

I knew I was not rich or wealthy but surely that must be some way or another for me to attract and maybe date, some of the gorgeous women that were out there!

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No one approach works for all women. We liked the Badass system because it gives men a better way to understand women. But read on … 1.

After reading this book, I not only had a new insight into how male and female social interaction worked, but it opened my eyes to so many things that I never noticed before!

Double Your Dating Ebook: David DeAngelo is the mind behind the best-selling book Double Your Dating which has helped a number of men become successful when it comes to picking up women. What David DeAngelo offers in his book is a chance for you to be able to get dates from women within minutes of just talking to them! He also had to go through the same dissatisfaction as you when it comes to getting women. However, this did not stop him from wanting to rise above the challenge of picking up women.

Double Your Dating is what came out of his determination to really get women.

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She was everything I ever wanted in a girl, beautiful, she seemed down to earth, and hot. Oh man, so hot. My heart actually started beating faster and faster! And you know what I did? Instead I was conquered by my own inner fears of not wanting not wanting to cause an awkward moment or be laughed at.

For more practical advice on attraction however, take a look at Make Women Want You instead.

January 27, The Good One of the most popular dating products out there for many years. Clear explanations in simple language, easy to understand and relate to for any guy, no matter how little experience or success you’ve had with women. The Bad A bit dated at over 13 years old with some irrelevant advice. Not as advanced as many of the newer products out there. Does not teach much about cold approaching women.

Cocky and funny, the technique emphasized for attraction, is good for beginners but becomes a liability if overused for intermediate or advanced level guys better ways to attract women now available The Bottom Line This book has been a good starting point and provided a great foundation for beginners for over a decade. It is written with the beginner’s perspective in mind, so you do not need any previous experience to understand it. It takes you by the hand and leads you through the basics of attraction and women.

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Double your dating mobi I was at the gas station and met this woman. Reviewed by 23albanian March 03, Ease of Implementation Is it practical. Reviewed dluble 23albanian March 03, Ease of Implementation Is datijg practical. This girl is the love of my life, and I thought that I had lost double your dating mobi forever. Share Your Opinion Enter your name Use an alias “made up” name if you prefer to remain anonymous. Share your thoughts with other users:

Reviewed by Mintz December 06, I took time to work on myself and my doub,e.

He use every one of them personally in real-world situations, and He know that they can work for you, too. How to turn her on using only your voice and words using this unique guide book. The 4 things that cause instant sexual arousal in a woman. A secret way to touch a woman that electrifies her skin and gives her goose bumps all over. A HUGE mistake men make when kissing a woman that turns her off completely. A simple but powerful technique that forces a woman to think about YOU and only you the entire time you are together.

How to use a blindfold to drive a woman crazy with sexual excitement! This David Deangel booklet will show you:

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