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But the rainy nature of the county has failed to dampen the ardour of some outdoors enthusiasts – as police files reveal. Officers have been called to a number of complaints about outdoors sex – or dogging – across the county. Carlisle, Kendal and Wigton all feature on the list of places receiving the attentions of officers following concerns about public decency. It’s unclear if these locations are the subject of regular rendezvous. But the issue has been enough of a problem in the last year to prompt the closure of one set of toilets – and spark complaints over unsavoury activities at a leafy beauty spot.

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The majority of woodlands in Cumbria are conifer plantations and broadleaved woods either planted or naturally occurring but there are some mixed woodlands as well. A study, The National Inventory of Woodlands and Trees for Cumbria, despite being carried out 15 years ago, accurately shows a trend back towards broadleaf woodlands after an intensive period of coniferisation in the post-war era.

We believe that today an estimation of the ratio between the two is about Conifer Plantations Sitka spruce: Pine sp, Douglas fir, and other exotics: It is important to remember that the conifer woodlands have been part of the Cumbrian landscape for over years. They make up some of the most popular tourist destination such as Grizedale and Whinlatter forest parks, the National Trusts Tarn Hows and Centre Parcs Oasis holiday village. Beech and Sycamore – the second largest component, although considered non-native, and have been planted or naturalised.

Birch and Alder – both of these are also widespread. These woodlands are considered the most precious of habitats. They are what remain of the original woodland that colonised after the last ice age.


Community Wheels Newsletter Every Wednesday morning a 13 seater mini-bus is running a service from Crosthwaite to Kendal, leaving the Memorial hall at 10 oclock. The return journey is about two hours later, giving you plenty of time to do your shopping, or any businees you may need to do in Kendal. The service is run by Cumbria County Council, using volunteer drivers from the local area. To use the bus you must register to make a trip. This can be arranged via the library in Kendal, or by giving John Holmes a call on Please try and use this service, it’s here to stay as long as we have enough passengers to make it viable.

Most are flanged axes 21 , and flanged spearheads 21 , palstaves 20 , and flat and socketed axes 16 each.

Overview[ edit ] Cumbria was created as a county in from territory of the historic counties of Cumberland , Westmorland , Lancashire North of the Sands and a small part of Yorkshire , but the human history of the area is ancient. It is a county of contrasts, with its mountainous central region and lakes, fertile coastal plains in the north and gently undulating hills in the south. Cumbria now relies on farming as well as tourism as economic bases, but industry has historically also played a vital role in the area’s fortunes.

For much of its history Cumbria was disputed between England and nearby Scotland. Raids from Scotland were frequent until the Acts of Union [ citation needed ] and its long coastline was earlier vulnerable to Irish and Norse raids. Cumbria has historically been fairly isolated. Until the coming of the railway, much of the region was hard to reach, and even today there are roads which make many motorists a little nervous. In bad winters, some of the central valleys are occasionally cut off from the outside world.

Enclaves of Brythonic Celts remained until around the 10th century, long after much of England was essentially ‘English’; and the Norse retained a distinct identity well into the Middle Ages. After that Cumbria remained something of a ‘no mans’ land’ between Scotland and England,[ citation needed ] which meant that the traditional Cumbrian identity was neither English nor Scottish. This article is about the area that became the county of Cumbria in , and its inhabitants.

Outdoors sex still sparking concern as Cumbria dogging spots revealed

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The red half-griffin is derived from one of the former Eccles supporters and the boars’ heads on the pennon were also seen in the arms of the Irlam UDC.

Chaos reigned with trains between Preston and Barrow cancelled and railway stations flooded Final update Weather warnings for rain and wind remain in place until 9am Thursday morning. One lane is closed on the M6 southbound between Junctions 40 and 39 because of a collision The A at Crooklands Auction Mart is now closed Two lanes of the M6 are closed between Junction 36 Barrow and Junction 35 Carnforth because of flooding and a three-vehicle collision 11pm. One vehicle has overturned.

The Preston to Barrow due Trains are no longer running between Preston and Lancaster with rail staff telling passengers: The A6 at Levens has now been closed in both directions 9.

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Paupers had their weekly allowances doled out, in the overseer’s office also in that quarter of the town on Sunday afternoons. Subsequent to this, paupers were accommodated at Castle Park. In Kendal promoted a local Act of Parliament to enable it to manage its own poor relief and other local affairs through a body called the Kendal Fell Trust. The Act provided for: Designed by Richard Peddar, it was described as “a neat, airy, and pleasant building, large enough to contain 80 persons.

A parliamentary report of recorded local workhouses in operation in Old Hutton for up to 10 inmates , Kirkby Lonsdale 15 , and Lambrigg 6 , although no mention was made of the Kendal workhouse.

They probably spoke Cumbric , a variety of the ancient British language of Brythonic , or Common Brittonic , the predecessor of modern Welsh , and probably named some of the county’s topographical features such as its rivers e.

Bridge House[ edit ] Bridge House in Bridge House was built over Stock Ghyll more than years ago, probably as a summer house and apple store for Ambleside Hall. It was purchased by local people in and given to the National Trust. Listed Grade I , the building is now used as an information centre for the National Trust, and is part of the Trust’s Windermere and Troutbeck property.

Martin’s College and Charlotte Mason College, is at the northern end of the town; courses held at the campus include Conservation, Forestry, and Outdoor Studies. On 1 December , it was announced that the Ambleside campus would be ‘mothballed’ at the end of July , and would no longer take new undergraduate students. The closure was in the face of fierce opposition from the Ambleside students, [11] the townspeople, and support pledged from Tim Farron , MP for the campus and its students.

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Female 19 – 31 Hey there. I can’t guarantee you that we already have a lot in common – but if you read on and find out we do – you should message me! It would be nice to have someone who would enjoy going to festivals as i would really love to go to one and the beach lol i really love the beach, and of course trying out local eateries.

The A6 is just passable at Carnforth due to flooding on the roundabout with the M6 junction.

Membership is open to all individuals and groups that have in an interest in Cumbria’s rich building heritage. Please see below for details of our aims, our activities and how to join us. Take a look at our events diary to see information about our study days, recording sessions, village walkabouts and visits to vernacular buildings.

What are vernacular buildings? Whilst precise definitions vary, vernacular means ‘local’ and in building terms relates to the period before which the aesthetically ‘polite’ designs of professional architects became fashionable at a national scale. Traditionally, buildings in town and country were built in accordance with local custom from locally derived raw materials and to suit local needs. As we can see from our historic landscapes in Cumbria, the materials available in particular areas dictated distinctive building traditions.

In Cumbria, many of these traditions resulted from the needs to protect buildings and their inhabitants from the weather!

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Per pale Azure and Or a Pale wavy per pale of the last and Vert over all two Bars dancetty of three points upwards countertinctured Argent Azure Argent and Vert all within a Bordure of the last charged alternately with three Roses Argent on each another Gules both barbed and seeded proper and as many Parnassus flowers Argent. On the dexter side a representation of the Dacre Bull at Naworth Gules armed unguled and collared with a Chain flexed over the back Or and on the sinister side a Dragon also Gules the whole upon a Compartment composed of a section of the Roman Wall charged with two Bars Gules.

Granted 10th October Picture used with permission, do not reproduce. Badge The wavy vertical lines, zig-zag horizontal lines and combination of colours is an ingenious formal diagrammatic picture of the new County as a whole.

However, Cumbria appears not to have any of the so-called ‘developed hillforts’ enlarged from earlier versions, around ha in area, with multiple ditches and complex entrances , [51] suggesting that few, if any, were still being used in the pre-Roman Iron Age, apparently having been abandoned.

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Transferred by Order in Council bearing date the 16th April

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Cumbria has historically been fairly isolated.

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