Sexy Beasts

By Natalie Haynes 22 November If the trailers are anything to go by, we already know where to find fantastic beasts: Eddie Redmayne has a suitcase full of them in New York. But where did they come from, the dragons, unicorns and hippogriffs of the Harry Potter universe? View image of Credit: Warner Bros Some of these collected monsters are vastly better known than others: These relatively minor creatures often have a less-than-fantastical backstory:

The myths and folktales behind Harry Potter

Etymology[ edit ] The etymology of the Scots word kelpie is uncertain, but it may be derived from the Gaelic calpa or cailpeach, meaning “heifer” or “colt”. The first recorded use of the term to describe a mythological creature, then spelled kaelpie, appears in the manuscript of an ode by William Collins , composed some time before [1] and reproduced in the Transactions of the Royal Society of Edinburgh of Folklorists who define kelpies as spirits living beside rivers, as distinguished from the Celtic lakeside-dwelling water horse each-uisge , include 19th-century minister of Tiree John Gregorson Campbell and 20th-century writers Lewis Spence and Katharine Briggs.

Others associate the term kelpie with a wide variety of mythical creatures. The mythological kelpie is usually described as a powerful and beautiful black horse inhabiting the deep pools of rivers and streams of Scotland, preying on any humans it encounters, [16] [18] One of the water-kelpie’s common identifying characteristics is that its hooves are reversed as compared to those of a normal horse, a trait also shared by the nykur of Iceland. Usually a little boy, he then pets the horse but his hand sticks to its neck.

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But where did they come from, the dragons, unicorns and hippogriffs of the Harry Potter universe?

Sexy Beasts

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Sexy Beasts

But the girl recognises the young man as a kelpie and removes his silver necklace his bridle while he sleeps.

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The spirits had set about constructing a bridge over the Dornoch Firth after becoming tired of travelling across the water in cockleshells.

Sexy Beasts

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