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These 2 have chosen your solar 12th house of secrets and emotions for this meeting which could have you feeling resentful. Let the Universe sort things out and avoid being moody or stubborn In your spiritual and philosophical zone, it makes for a great time for you to sort things out with your other half or find someone you are compatible with You are ruled by your heart and sometimes get way too caught up in your emotions to think about things rationally and in real life terms Keep that in mind and if you need some time off away from your other half, the end of the month is the time for that too You may need to travel suddenly because someone needs you or you may be visited by someone who needs you. An ex might even reach out to check up on you — which will be totally unexpected and a nice surprise for you An unexpected expense could come along and it will be important to you that you are prepared to deal with it

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Virgo Yearly Horoscope Overview The year ahead is potentially brilliant for learning, connecting, and communicating, dear Virgo. You are hungry to learn, to produce, and to share your ideas. Relationships with siblings, a partner, and neighbors can improve significantly in Reaching out even in the smallest of ways can be rewarding and can also bring new opportunities into your life. Responsible, mature Saturn is now moving through your sector of entertainment, leisure, self-expression, play, children, and romance, and encourages you to take these things more seriously.

By extension, this is also a good move for improved health.

Aries easily take offense to comments made.

Who is Most Compatible with Leo A Leo is a sensitive, yet passionate and aggressive person who needs just the right partner to find lasting love. Who is Most Compatible with Taurus Horoscope signs can tell you a lot about a person. Who is Most Compatible with Virgo? Finding a love connection is a life struggle for most people. How to Date a Virgo Man Dating a Virgo man can be frustrating if you do not understand how to deconstruct his complex personality.

Not Much for Mystery The Virgo man likes An Eternal Struggle The Virgo woman is always battling her inner voice. Strength A Scorpio woman can be greatly underestimated. Who is Most Compatible with Scorpio? Good Sign Matches Cancer How to Date a Libra Man The Libra man looks good, so it is no surprise that you find him unbelievably attractive. Now if you could just figure him out enough to make him yours forever. That is not too hard when you take a look at the typical Libra through his horoscope sign.

There is a lot to learn so read on.

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Compatible astrological signs can be determined by a number of heavenly aspects. Will your relationship weather the tests of time or will it be passionate, but fizzle out in a matter of weeks? You can consider sun signs, moon signs, or even Chinese zodiac signs in order to reveal whether you and your partner are meant to be. See how well your personalities can mesh and which issues you can expect to go head-to-head on.

Understanding Compatibility Understanding compatibility in astrology is not always easy, but delving into the basics of compatible star signs is a good place to start.

Even your relationship with your neighborhood can change for the better.

Venus represents the heart chakra, the area of our self-worth, and love. The Moon is an emotional mechanism of response, connecting thoughts, and emotions. In Aquarius, Venus seeks friendship, and above all honesty. Lovers enjoy a sense of deeper intimacy. Mid-week, Mercury the communication planet makes an intimate conjunction to transformational Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury is about mental energy, information, and communication. Pluto is about control and transformation. It deals with extremes and likes to dig deep, sometimes when we’re not looking, and often when we’re unprepared.

In Capricorn, Mercury focuses on achieving the goal at hand. We might want our ideas to produce an immediate tangible outcome, but that’s not always convenient to the other party.

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Aries personalities are independent. Being the first of the zodiac signs, they venture out and are go-getters, often leading the way. Their upbeat and magnetic personality often entices others to follow their lead because Aries personalities bring excitement into others lives. Aries are good friends, they always look out for their friends with caring and generosity and will protect them should the need arise and encourage them with their natural optimism. If confronted, Aries can turn to be quite childish, they will fight back with their agressive nature and are known to have temper tantrums should they not get their way.

If a business idea comes their way, they tend to plunge right in.

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Go to a party. Go to a bar. Go to movie premiere. Have a picnic in the park. Go to a county fair. Go to a circus. Go to a film festival. Go to the aquarium and spot some fish or sharks! Go to the botanical gardens. Go to the zoo. Go to a famous landmark.

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Ruled by the Sun, Leos have strong personalities. It takes a brave soul to try to win the heart of a lion, but with a few tips you can tame a Leo and have them eating out of your hand. Dominance Of all the zodiac sun signs, Leonians are generally the most dominant. Life is never dull with a Leonian. They are big hearted, with big personalities and big ambitions— so when they do things, they like to do things big.

You want to shower loved ones with affection, to invite friends into your home, and to be pampered and cared for.

For a New Moon on the romantic front this time last week to the Moon’s return to your relationship sector over the weekend, you’ve been on an emotional journey through romantic and relationship matters. On both fronts there is a lot to be excited about. Tomorrow’s Love Forecast As the Moon returns for its first visit to an adventurous part of your chart for the year, this is going to give matters of the heart a boost. Over the next few days the Moon will form a friendly aspect to all three planets on the romantic front, bringing the spirit of romance and adventure together.

This is also a reminder that it’s all about the journey. Yesterday’s love Forecast Communication is a common theme this week and today especially. Where the Moon fuelled some strong emotional responses to relationship matters over the last few days Mars, in his final days in your communication sector, is able to give them a voice. At the same time, in his last full week in your communication sector Mercury, planet of communication is on a mission to give your heart a voice.

Your Birth chart is based on your date time and place of birth and personal to you.

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Pisces What are love horoscopes? Horoscopes, at their most basic definition, are a chart of the positions of the sun, moon and planets exactly as they’re positioned at the time of your birth. The interpretation of these charts by astrologers becomes your horoscope reading, whether daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly. Your horoscope includes forecasts for all facets of your life, but the most popular is the forecast of your romantic relationships and love life.

These romantic forecasts, or love horoscopes, focus on your individual characteristics and compatibilities as they relate to your romantic relationships in both dating and marriage.

January 21 to February 19 – Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the zodiac, having a fixed air classification and ruled by the planets Saturn and Uranus.

Fixed—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius. Flexed—Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces. Every alternate sign, beginning with Aries, is male and the rest are female. The Double-bodied signs are Gemini, Sagittarius, and Pisces. It is important that all these classifications should be learned, as they form an essential part of the doctrine of Astrology, and are frequently employed in the reading of a Horoscope.

The types of people under the various signs should also be known as intimately as possible.