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The division between Sunni and Shia dates to the death of the prophet Muhammad, when his followers were faced with the decision of who would be his successor as the leader of Islam. Shiites are those who followed Ali, the closest relative of Muhammad, as Muhammad’s successor. Today there are approximately million Shiite Muslims in the world. The Shi’a consist of one major school of thought known as the Jafaryia or the “Twelvers,” and a few minor schools of thought, as the “Seveners” or the “Fivers.

The distinctive dogma and institution of Shi’a Islam is the Imamate, which includes the idea that the successor of Muhammad be more than merely a political leader. The Imam must also be a spiritual leader, which means that he must have the ability to interpret the inner mysteries of the Quran and the Sharia.

Five seconds into our first phone call, puts his 8-year-old son on the line.

A stained glass window of Joseph Smith ‘s First Vision. Mormons trace their origins to the visions that Joseph Smith reported having in the early s while living in upstate New York. On April 6, , Smith founded the Church of Christ. The city became the church’s new headquarters and gathering place, and it grew rapidly, fueled in part by converts immigrating from Europe. To prevent war, Brigham Young led the Mormon pioneers constituting most of the Latter Day Saints to a temporary winter quarters in Nebraska and then, eventually beginning in , to what became the Utah Territory.

During the s, newcomers began using the new railroad that was under construction. President James Buchanan sent an army to Utah, which Mormons interpreted as open aggression against them.

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Dolezal said she lived in South Africa as a child, but her family disputes the claim. She has contended that her parents frequently abused her; in a interview, she claimed that she was taught to believe that “everything that came naturally, instinctively was wrong”—a point that was “literally beaten into us”. Izaiah sought to be emancipated at the age of 16 after claiming that Larry and Ruthanne not only beat him and his siblings, but also threatened to send them to group homes if they didn’t obey.

She was one of several co-valedictorians upon graduation in Her family drove three hours from their home in Montana to enable her to display her work in Spokane. Dolezal’s father told a Spokesman-Review newspaper reporter that Rachel had never heard of Juneteenth , the event commemorating the abolition of slavery , until she learned of it via an Internet search while looking for a venue to show her art work.

The White Right is an inaccurate and racist characterization otherwise Obama would have lost by a large margin.

I knew it was one of those two awful boomer bands whose main distinction was not being the Beatles. If you want to do politics, why not just join a non-religious political organization? A more pedestrian perspective is that this belief will last as long as the trucks and trains keep keep delivering untold tons of everything that keep them and their cities alive NDaniels No doubt if every man desired to be a religion onto himself, this would not lead to the equality of religions, but rather, anarchy.

They had been led through the Church door and prodded toward religion, but it had never come alive for them. Liberalism is about tolerance, a marketplace of ideas, forgive and forget, and working with all types of people to enhance the common good. The current generation of the politically correct are intolerant of ideas that differ from theirs, unconcerned with how much harm they inflict on others, narcissistic, believe they are the chosen elite, and use liberalism as a club to justify their actions and silence opposition.

They change the debate from what they have done to the tenets of liberalism, much as Islamist terrorists change the debate to the Koran and away from their death and destruction. The mainstream media has more in common with Islamism than with liberalism and, by flattering the young and alienated, has become a culture and media dominating force. They have stolen the name and form of liberalism but not the substance.

It is a mistake to call these identity thieves liberals. Liberalism is a philosophy of life that underpins enlightenment culture.

Black Friday: an Oxford Street Disaster – Simone Eligon, Coloma Convent Girls school

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People always expect Oxford street to be a hotspot for crime and chaos which is why when I saw the swarm of people gathered outside of American Candy, phones at the ready, I feared the worst. But the reality of the situation was very different. The real reason for the crowds, the large numbers of police officers, the congestion, the evacuation of the shop was because of one young black boy, aged 14, allegedly stole some sweets. The owner saw him in a tracksuit, browsing, and assumed he was a thief.

He had been racially profiled as the man had no concrete evidence of a crime, he just fit the description of a young black boy. Being stopped and searched is not a regular occurrence for me. The closest I ever came was when I was driving with my mum in our little corsa, a car usually associated with young boys, with the bass pumping out loud music late at night.

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Please notice that the Catholic monarchies and Catholic controlled countries lasted about years … Satan is ripping America apart after only 8 generations.

Fastfood restaurant in Eastern Europe: Traditional street food is available around the world, usually through small and independent vendors operating from a cart, table, portable grill or motor vehicle. Common examples include Vietnamese noodle vendors, Middle Eastern falafel stands, New York City hot dog carts , and taco trucks. Turo-Turo vendors Tagalog for point point are a feature of Philippine life.

Commonly, street vendors provide a colorful and varying range of options designed to quickly captivate passers-by and attract as much attention as possible. Depending on the locale, multiple street vendors may specialize in specific types of food characteristic of a given cultural or ethnic tradition.

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Arif Ali Sex ratios and the single girl Far from a dating paradise, a gender gap can prove dangerous for women in cities and rural areas around the world Katie McDonough T As a result, there are 1. Many [women] said they felt unsafe. Several said they could not even shop at the local Walmart without men following them through the store. We don’t often hear about skewed sex ratios in the U.

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It is a day of hunting for the best sales, rummaging through stores and large crowds rushing through the streets. Yet by about 5pm on the 24th of November, the once vibrant Oxford Street became a podium for disorder and pandemonium. The panic within the city stemmed from an argument between two men at Oxford Circus tube station that quickly escalated into a fight that caused the commuters to run.

This panic spread from the station, all the way to Selfridges, which is just a few minutes down the street. Even more chaos ensued because no one knew what was happening and many believed that it was a terrorist attack. But in reality there were no gunshots, no terrorists and no real danger.

Yes, Racial Profiling Is Still A Thing – Simone Eligon Coloma Convent Girls’ School

Continue reading the main story Indigenous Australians also suffer disproportionate levels of poverty, addiction and unemployment in what they say is a racist society that dismisses them as second-class citizens. It was the topic of a closely watched conference of indigenous leaders last month, which also resulted in a proposed framework for granting First Australians a clearer role in government and greater control over their lives.

But the Australian government has yet to embrace these demands.

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Six men wanted in Aggravated Assault on boy @TorontoPolice